Digital Signature

Digital Signature


A digital signature is an electronic method of validating the authenticity of a digital document or message. It is a cryptographic technique that enables the identification of the sender of a message or the person who has signed a document, and verifies that the content of the document or message has not been altered during transmission. Digital signatures are often used in electronic transactions to ensure the integrity and authenticity of documents and messages.


  • Security: Digital signatures provide a high level of security and authenticity, as they are difficult to forge or tamper with.
  • Efficiency: Can be created and verified quickly, which makes them a fast and efficient way to sign and validate documents.
  • Legality: They can be used to sign and validate legally binding contracts and documents legally binding in many countries
  • Cost savings: Eliminate the need for physical signatures, which can save time and money on printing, mailing, and storing documents.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Hashing Algorithms, Cryptography, Smart Cards, Biometrics

Digital Signature

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