Deploying a key project on non-cash payments in Japan

Mar 22, 2023

In October 2019, a massive project on a non-cash payment processing system was officially launched in the Japanese market. The project team of RUNSYSTEM faced many challenges in developing a payment system that could change the cash-using habits of the Japanese people.

Starting on April 8, 2019, the project was taken over by a team of more than 20 members, with the core being Java programmers. The Project Manager was Mr. HưngNT, and the subPM was Mr. QuangVV, along with nearly 20 other members, including programmers, testers, QA, Comtor, etc. This is a non-cash payment processing system that encourages people to use various forms of payment such as ATM cards, credit cards, e-wallets, etc. to pay for expenses in their daily lives such as electricity, internet, cable TV, buying airline tickets, booking tours, and even paying taxes and insurance fees. The unique point of this project is that for the first time, the developers applied the new technology platform GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Big Data in system development.

With a new technology like GCP, the project team members faced obstacles right from the early days, which could be anticipated. The team members studied and researched GCP documents together and self-trained each other to avoid being confused by the knowledge that they had just approached for the first time. Building a simple and easy-to-use payment system for the Japanese people, most of whom are elderly and accustomed to cash transactions, and hesitant to use technology, was a headache for the programmers. Not only was programming difficult, but the testing phase for the QC team was also extremely challenging, as the client sent the specs late and the layout design kept changing. The project involved big data processing, but the client did not provide sample data similar to reality, so creating test data took a lot of time. The dev team created a tool to generate a large amount of data, but it was limited because it did not cover all the required cases. Communication and exchange between the companies involved in the project also encountered many obstacles.

“No pressure, no diamond” is the motto that the entire project team holds dear. After overcoming countless difficulties, in October 2019, the non-cash payment system was officially launched in the Japanese market following the project team’s continuous OT days. The first fruits were delivered to the team when the system was rated as high-quality by customers and is being widely implemented in Japan with thousands of businesses using it.

When asked about memorable moments during the project, Mr. HưngNT shared about the visit and direct work at the Hanoi office with three Japanese customer representatives on September 24th and 25th. The team had a celebration to welcome and celebrate the successful project with these three special guests. Although it was a short visit, it helped the parties understand each other better, and communication barriers were overcome to some extent.


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