Cryptonomic – The cryptocurrency exchange project for Thai customers officially launched

Mar 22, 2023

Cryptonomic is a project that builds a cryptocurrency trading platform on the website and mobile application for Thai customers operating in the Fintech sector under the GMO Internet conglomerate. The exchange will support Thai users to use the Thai Baht to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) directly on the application instead of trading on international exchanges or converting from real money to other complex cryptocurrencies.

Starting its deployment from the beginning of 2020, Cryptonomic can be considered a transcontinental project with the participation of up to 30 members at both the Hanoi headquarters and the Ho Chi Minh City branch. While the BSD members were responsible for designing and creating the Mobile App under the leadership of Runner Nguyen Le Hung (BSD), the Ho Chi Minh City branch deployed the website system under the responsibility of Runner Nguyen Phu An (HCM – Project Manager). Working from home due to the influence of COVID and the geographical distance barrier between the two regions, completing the project and delivering it to the customer on schedule was a relentless process of effort by the project members.

Cryptocurrency – Overcoming the COVID storm

Deploying at the beginning of 2020, when both Vietnam and the world were struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company decided to work from home to ensure the safety of its employees. At the start of the project, when the members had not yet synchronized with the project, they had to work online, and it can be said that COVID had a significant impact on the progress of the team’s project. The project implementation team faced countless difficulties exchanging and coordinating among its members. Usually, when a problem arises, the team can meet and discuss it directly, but now they can only message or hold online meetings, which consumes a considerable amount of time.

Realizing that this could not continue indefinitely, the project team decided to “overcome the COVID storm” and come to the company to work even though they were still in the period of working from home to ensure that they met the customer’s deadline. “Fortunately, the project was being deployed with a customer from Thailand, so all members could directly communicate and receive information with the customer in English. Thanks to this, we could skip the support process of the Communications department, shorten the time, accurately understand the customer’s needs and our English proficiency was also elevated to a new level due to the time spent communicating with the customer,” said Nguyen Le Hung (Smartphone – BSD).

Team Smartphone BSD overcomes COVID to complete project goals

Exploring a new field

The Cryptonomic project includes two main areas of implementation, a system deployed on a website and mobile app for a cryptocurrency exchange. When building the website, the Ho Chi Minh team faced many challenges in receiving the project from an Indian company (the previous implementation team) with no documentation, incomplete structure, etc. Therefore, the entire project team had to communicate with the previous implementation team to understand the application, as well as supplement missing architecture, areas outside the source code, and fix bugs in the current exchange.

Therefore, since receiving the project, all members have had to focus on a battle with 200% effort to ensure that the delivery schedule is met for the customer. “The peak period must be mentioned from June to early September 2020, every day we worked until 8:00 pm. Despite that, everyone still tried their best to complete the task, no one complained. The perseverance has moved the customers, so they stayed to work with us instead of leaving on time like usual.” – Mr. Nguyen Phu An (HCM Branch) shared.

Team Mobile CN Ho Chi Minh always proactively communicates and consult to understand customer’s needs.

In contrast to the website team, the mobile app team seemed to have an easier job as they were in charge of the technology and directly built the app from scratch. However, the project members were somewhat overwhelmed by the working style of this “new” client because, in the past, Japanese clients were very careful and detailed when presenting their requirements. In contrast, in this project, Runners had to search for the customer’s needs to meet them, or jokingly said, “just code and then fix it later.” Fortunately, thanks to their whole experience in the field, the team quickly caught up with the pace and changed tactics to proactively communicate and consult with customers on the best possible ways to clarify their needs before proceeding.

After nearly a year of ups and downs, Cryptonomic has now been successfully launched on the market and received positive feedback from customers. Each new project implementation is a new lesson, a valuable experience for each Runner to mature even more on the journey to conquer customer satisfaction in the future.



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