The 18-year journey of taking RUNSYSTEM’s technology further

Over the 18-year journey of innovation and dedication, RUNSYSTEM has firmly established our position as a “Trusted Digital Partner” in customers’ minds and wholeheartedly brings international quality ICT products and services. These 18 years have also been a time of spreading good values and complete smiles for employees and society. 



In 2005, starting with two empty hands and a lot of “no” – no relationships, no business knowledge, the most asset at the time was only a burning passion for technology and the “daring” of a Japanese exchange student. From two young engineers with the same passion for technology and full of dreams at the beginning, RUNSYSTEM now has nearly 900 employees, with four offices in Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Tokyo (Japan). 

Throughout 18 years of establishment, RUNSYSTEM has continuously affirmed our brand and reputation in the IT field by leaving our mark in building multi-disciplinary technology systems for thousands of customers, creating intelligent products with high applicability to increase work efficiency, and providing reputable IT services such as hosting, domain names, cloud computing…, which leading global brands and partners protect. RUNSYSTEM was previously known as RUNSYSTEM, founded by three members. The first bricks were in 2005. The company’s slogan was “Global Software Quality – International Software Quality.” 

After 18 years of operation and development, RUNSYSTEM has increasingly expanded its field of operation, conquered new customers and new markets, and left many memorable milestones in history. At the beginning of its establishment, the company’s main business was software outsourcing for the Japanese market. The first project worth 300 million dongs was carried out by three engineers in 3 months using the .NET language for a Japanese customer. 





Since 2008, RUNSYSTEM has established a branch in Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, the company officially joined the GMO Internet Group in Japan. This critical milestone helped the company accelerate and expand its reach by conquering international markets. 



“Standing on the shoulders of giants” has enabled RUNSYSTEM to have many business cooperation opportunities with member companies and famous world brands while enhancing professional standards, quality, and corporate culture-building activities. With these advantages and a determined “Go Global” spirit, GMO has tried to overcome challenges to continue spreading its brand, overgrowing, and expanding its market.



Having a team of highly experienced engineers fluent in foreign languages and having obtained many international IT certifications is the outstanding strength of RUNSYSTEM. For 18 years, the invaluable resource of talented personnel at GMO has worked together, united in research, development, and continuously launching products, and technology solutions, creating a robust Digital Transformation ecosystem and conquering the market. GMO always values dedication, professionalism, and customer and partner satisfaction in their relationships. 

Thanks to this spirit of enthusiasm and relentless effort, RUNSYSTEM has won many prestigious IT awards in Vietnam and abroad, such as Sao Khue Awards, the Top 10 IT Enterprises Awards, Vietnam Digital Awards (VDA), SME100 Asia Awards… and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Minister of Information and Communications for our contributions to the development of the IT and Communications industry in Vietnam, along with many other certificates of merit and commendation. 




With sincerity and goodwill in every task and project, and by receiving the smiles and happiness of customers as tremendous encouragement, RUNSYSTEM continues to remain firm and persistent in our chosen path. Therefore, the leadership always places the spirit of responsibility, dedication, and passion for technology at the forefront, encouraging members to strive towards their dream of becoming number one. Number one here is not set in comparison to others but is the victory of oneself, becoming a better version every day to give meaning to each passing day.




The slogan “Work for your smile” focuses on customers and partners and aims at the collective of company members, the community, and society. 

Standing firm after multiple economic crises and two years of heavy impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, RUNSYSTEM maintains stable employment and sustainable income for over 900 employees across branches in Vietnam and subsidiaries in Japan. The company always strives to create a friendly working environment imbued with the Vietnam – Japan cultural connection of solidarity, dynamism, and youthfulness through cultural and sporting activities and good remuneration policies for our members. 


With the spirit of “Dedicated to the community” every year, the company’s leadership and employees join hands to carry out charitable activities for the community, spreading good human values such as giving support gifts (warm blankets, warm clothes, food), building schools, playgrounds for students in remote areas; establishing funds to support regions affected by natural disasters, pandemics… 

In addition, GMO also focuses on promoting education with the belief that supporting education is the most sustainable contribution to society, such as awarding scholarships for poor students and outstanding students at universities and sending educational equipment (computers, smartphones) so that they can access the Internet. Recently, RUNSYSTEM has cooperated in training and developing high-quality technology courses to expand job opportunities in Japan and increase income for the IT community. The company welcomes student groups every six months to intern and become official employees. RUNSYSTEM is proud of our 18-year journey and will continue to innovate and bring the best values to the community through technology. With existing infrastructure and an experienced and enthusiastic team, we will continuously create quality products and services, enhance customer experience, provide practical value to the community, and contribute to the overall development of society on the journey to conquer the digital world. 



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