RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM expands collaboration at AutoDesk Converge 2023 event

Mar 27, 2024
On September 6, 2023, representatives from RUNSYSTEM attended the Autodesk Converge 2023 event to network and expand collaborations with leading businesses in the Manufacturing, Architecture, and Construction industries.

The Autodesk Converge 2023 conference, held for the first time in Vietnam, brought together leaders from the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Design, and Manufacturing industries, providing in-depth insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping these sectors.

During the conference, leaders listened to a presentation on “Digital Transformation in Design & Manufacturing” by Mr. Nicolas, CEO of Autodesk for Southeast Asia, which provided valuable information and positive statistics, illustrating the overall landscape and trends of the industry.

Several topics that attracted the attention of organizations and businesses in the industry were discussed at the conference, such as the importance of digital transformation, digital transformation in design and manufacturing, how digital transformation drives business resilience, sustainability, and talent management, high-applicability solutions for enterprises, future roadmap and industry trends that can benefit the business operations of enterprises and organizations.

At the event, RUNSYSTEM had the opportunity to connect and introduce its ERP solutions Odoo and SAP to over 200 architecture and construction businesses interested in applying Digital Transformation in the future. Learn more about GMO’s ERP services here.

Mr. Nicolas Mangon, Vice President of AutoCAD & AEC Industry Strategy at Autodesk, spoke at the event

Representatives from RUNSYSTEM participated in networking and collaboration at the event

The Autodesk Converge 2023 conference opened up new potential collaborations for RUNSYSTEM, accelerating the process of acquiring customers interested in the company’s digital transformation solutions in the Manufacturing sector.


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