Deploying an AI application system to enhance efficiency for Japanese clients

Mar 26, 2024
On October 12th, RUNSYSTEM welcomed representatives from MDP Company (Japan) to its Hanoi office to participate in a training session on using RUN AI - an application tool utilizing Chat GPT technology. Developed by GMO's technology engineers, this tool aims to enhance performance and optimize costs in enterprise operations.

RUN AI (Artificial Intelligence Application Tool) impresses customers with its user-friendly interface and 4 outstanding features: Editing feature (spell check, expression adjustment, and content smoothing); Translation feature (supporting translation and conversion between English, Japanese, and Vietnamese); Chat with AI (answering questions about knowledge, business, code…); Share prompts (Sharing better ways to use ChatGPT/AI, with over 3000 available data…). With just a few simple steps, tasks such as translation, text content editing, internal document lookup, or business inquiries will be quickly resolved by RUN AI.

MDP is a startup providing Japan’s leading smart gift solution, with millions of gifts distributed annually through its system. MDP aims to deploy RUN AI to all company employees to improve work efficiency and facilitate easier access to ChatGPT in their work.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh – Deputy General Director and Mr. Le Vinh Thien – CTO of RUNSYSTEM took commemorative photos with representatives of MDP. RUNSYSTEM’s deployment of the Chat GPT application tool RUN AI for MDP initially receives positive signals from the market for the AI application technology products developed by the company. This is evidence of the reputation and quality of the solutions, as well as the potential expansion of the ecosystem for the development of AI technology application products by RUNSYSTEM in the future.

Some other images from the meeting:


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